Deadlands: Rise of the Black Circle Issues 1-2

Created by Outrider Publications

A Weird West Adventure of the Deadlands by Creator Shane Lacy Hensley!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Cackler Shipping Update!
21 days ago – Mon, Feb 27, 2023 at 09:05:13 AM

Hello everybody -

A quick note to let you all know that if you are waiting on The Cackler, those have been submitted to fulfillment and are being packed and shipped this week. Thank you all for your patience. 

If you are missing anything or have any issues with your rewards, please reach out to me directly -, and I'll work with you to get those resolved as quickly as possible. 

Thank you all!

Fulfillment is Rolling Along! News About the Future!
26 days ago – Wed, Feb 22, 2023 at 04:55:58 PM

Yo, Outriders! (This is the same update as posted to DMH)

We're thrilled to be seeing notes about folks getting their books (and loving them)! Thanks for letting us know. For those still waiting, it does seem like all orders will be filled in the near future. Unfortunately, I'm not in contact with FunAgain, but I know Jeremy at Outland is staying on top of things.

We also wanted to let you know that Outrider is launching as its own publisher, and all future projects will be directly Kickstarted by the Outrider team working with Pinnacle for fulfillment, to streamline the process.

Outrider will be launching its own newsletter soon, so be on the lookout for that as our new site is being built. I, C. Edward Sellner, will still be running the operation as Editor-in-Chief, but we will be working with Pinnacle more directly to coordinate and streamline our efforts.

My studio, Visionary, has been handling all the production for the Outrider titles, and we now have a direct newsletter as well, and will be promoting all the Outrider projects through it. To sign up, just go to and subscribe in the popup, or scroll down to the form at the bottom. You should also check us out on social media, with links at the bottom of the main site.

I also want to share that if you've been enjoying my and my studio's work on Outrider books, you may also be interested in the fact Visionary is launching as it's own publisher, with our first Visionary Creation Shared Worlds Bundle kickstarting May 1st! It will feature a 100K word, prose, serialized collection of stories, 3 comics, and 4 audio dramas as stretch goals, with more books as add-ons to check out our full upcoming line of titles. We're talking over 15 all-new stories to check out, quite a few of them mine!

You can sign up now to be notified when we launch!

The future is looking bright, and we hope all of you will join us for the full ride.

Fullfillment Issues
about 2 months ago – Sat, Jan 21, 2023 at 09:56:22 AM

Yo, Outriders!

(Note this is the same update posted on Dead Man's Hand, but impacts all our outstanding campaigns.)

First, I want to thank the vast majority of you who have been very patient with all the delays.

Second, for those who have been increasingly frustrated, I get it, and you have every right to be, but I want to assure you we here at Outrider have been just as frustrated.

While we made some mistakes that added to the issue, I want to be honest and upfront, we've also had a lot of issues with our fulfillment center, and we recently learned most likely why. Outland has used Funagain Logistics to fulfill orders and campaigns for years and has always been very pleased with their service in the past. When things started getting crazy with these most recent campaigns, we have been working every day to get things sorted out, and we hit a lot of walls from Funagain.

We were just informed in the last few days that Funagain will be closing its doors, and while they have promised to fulfill all current standing orders, they have been delaying certain orders and other orders we can't even get a timeline on, which impacts most of you who still have not received their books.

So, here's where we are...

Funagain has in its possession and has, for some time, all the new printed materials. Orders are being filled and sent out, though in waves, and some we still do not have a timeline on because they will not give us one, despite us following up regularly with them. We've also been having other issues with them regarding payments, etc., so the short of it is they seem to be in a bit of disorder from the impending closure.

Also, we now have to move our entire inventory to our new fulfillment partners, which is in process now.

Jeremy, our publisher, has been dealing with this but has been very frustrated with the lack of communication from Funagain, and we kept hoping things would get resolved. It's been a bit overwhelming and extremely frustrating when folks are asking legitimate questions and voicing legitimate concerns, but we just don't have the answers.

And all of this transition will likely impact shipping on RotBC #2 and Raven as well while we make the transition.

This was not how we wanted to launch our new imprint, obviously, and I know a few folks have implied they won't back future projects because of all of this, which I understand.

The sad thing is we made some gorgeous books, and that has been affirmed by folks who are now receiving them. We will continue to push and problem-solve as best we can on our end, but unfortunately, we are also a bit at the mercy of Funagain until our transition is complete.

As stated before, we will not launch any new campaigns until we fulfill every current order, and our new system with our new fulfillment partner (a company Outland has dealt with for years but in a different capacity) will tie more directly into our new website and Kickstarters making fulfillment orders pretty much automatic. This will help streamline our process and be more efficient to avoid future issues.

Again, we are very sorry for everything and promise once we get through this round, things will go much more smoothly. We hope all of you will continue with us on this exciting journey because we have awesome things in the pipeline. Thanks for all of your support.

Current Status Update
3 months ago – Fri, Dec 30, 2022 at 12:31:07 AM

Yo, Outriders!

First, I want to apologize again for the chaos in the fulfillment of this campaign; we are not happy with how things unfolded. Truth is, a number of our key players were dealing with family issues and major life changes, which led to less coordination and various things slipping through the cracks, for which we take full responsibility. I want to humbly thank all of you who supported Rise and especially thank those of you who took the leap of faith also to back Raven. That means the world to us. I want to assure all of you we will get everything to everybody, to everyone's satisfaction, and we will not be launching a new campaign until that is all taken care of.

Here's where things are as of now...

Rise issues 1 and 2 are in the process of shipping; we did focus on those who got it bundled with Dead Man's Hand since that was a previous campaign. That, along with the holidays, means many of you have not received them as yet, but you should soon. If you have not received any notification or tracking information by the end of the first week in January, please email our publisher Jeremy Mohler at, who is handling order fulfillment.

Some of you have noted you did not get certain add-ons or tier rewards. The Cackler hardcovers will be shipped separately. Due to mixups in getting those shipped, they were delayed, and we did not want to delay the main books any longer. You will not be charged extra for those items shipping separately.

At this point, we'd love to hear from folks who got the books once they start arriving.

4 months ago – Mon, Nov 28, 2022 at 09:57:24 AM

Yo, Outriders!

We came across a treasure trove of Raven art all but forgotten!

Back in the day, when Visionary was going to rebrand its digital publishing initiative, artist C. Edward Sellner did a number of alternate covers for the original five digital issues of Raven. But once that initiative got shelved, the covers were archived and never used.

Well, we're fixing that!

We are going to add a SPECIAL BONUS SECTION unique to this edition of Raven - a pinup section featuring the original cover to Raven and all new artwork, never printed anywhere else! Seven pieces all together! This will bring our total page count close to 160 pages of content!

We're doing it as of now, so this isn't a new stretch goal, this is a thank you for all your support and patience, as well as a mea culpa from us as we figure out things on these partnered campaigns.