Deadlands: Rise of the Black Circle Issues 1-2

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A Weird West Adventure of the Deadlands by Creator Shane Lacy Hensley!

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IMPORTANT: Bonus Art Tier Launches Tomorrow - 12pm Eastern!
7 months ago – Thu, Aug 11, 2022 at 12:48:32 AM

Yo Outriders!

Well, I'm done waiting. In case you didn't know, I'm C. Edward Sellner, though my friends call me Chuck. I'm doing the zombie mashup incentive cover for issue 3 that we teased in the last update.

Here's the thing, I want to get rolling on this with as much time as possible to make sure it doesn't slow up fulfillment, so here's the NEW plan...

The Bonus Tier for 10 lucky backers to get zombified and featured in a really cool cover for issue 3 will launch tomorrow at high noon Eastern!

That's right, we're giving everyone currently on board 24 hours notice to you can be sure to have the campaign up and ready to pounce when that tier goes live, because we're pretty sure those slots are going to go fast! Here's the details...

This tier will include ALL the following:

  • The complete Deadlands Comics Library in Digital, so you can fill in any missing issues.
  • Digital copies of issues 1-3 - Issue 3 will be sent automatically once it is completed.
  • Print copies of issues 1-3 - Issue 3 will be shipped during fulfillment of that campaign.
  • The incentive cover will be included in the back of issue 2, and then the exclusive cover for issue 3.
  • You will also get an 11x17 print of that cover, autographed by yours truly, the artist. Prints will be shipped separately when ready.

The tier will be limited to 10 slots and will be set at $100.

So, if you're interested in making your undead Deadlands universe debut and be immortalized in a really cool way, you're going to want to be poised at high noon, Eastern Time, tomorrow!

Once they're gone... they're gone.

Who's with me?

Near $5K and Over 275 Backers! First Stretch Goal Announced!
7 months ago – Mon, Aug 08, 2022 at 08:31:31 AM

As Outrider’s Kickstarter campaign for Deadlands: Rise of the Black Circle Issues 1-2 enters its last week we are closing in on our goal and announcing our first stretch goal!

Written by Deadlands creator Shane Lacy Hensley with stunning art by Aaron Palsmeier and Simon Gough, this series features an action-packed story, classic Deadlands heroes and heroines in a brand new adventure, and the rise of a dark alliance of black magic! This series has everything, whether you’re a long-term fan of Deadlands or brand new to the Weird West!

We want to thank everyone who has already jumped on board this campaign to back the limited edition collector’s item issues, which will only be available through this campaign and direct order, never released into the general market!

And now, YOU get to be part of the action!

Our first stretch goal is a special Art Incentive Cover where 10 lucky fans will get to sign up for a special tier where their likeness will be ‘zombiefied’ in the giant [REDACTED] mashup cover for issue 3! Those lucky few who jump first (first come, first zombied) will get to see the cover teased in the back of issue 2, and will automatically ALSO get issue 3 when it ships, featuring the actual cover PLUS a full-sized, autographed 11x17 print of their undead debut in the Deadlands universe! Art will be by Deadlands: The Kid cover artist, C. Edward Sellner!

The tier will go live as soon as we hit our $6K goal, and those 10 slots will go fast! So, help get us there, and then be ready to jump to join the ranks of the undead!

To learn more about Deadlands: Rise of the Black Circle check out this exclusive interview with series writer Shane Hensley and editor C. Edward Sellner as hosted by Chris Landauer!

$3K in under 72! Closing on 200 Backers! And a Behind the Scenes Sneak Peek
8 months ago – Mon, Aug 01, 2022 at 01:30:47 AM

Yo Outriders!!!

Alright, we officially broke $3,000 in under 72 hours, and we're closing in on 200 Backers! WOW! Thanks to all of you for your support! Again, thanks to you folks, we're getting to live the dream and make awesome comics! I know the entire creative team is incredibly appreciative of everything, and we will continue to show that appreciation!

Creator/Writer Shane Hensley has opened up about the bigger story that Rise of the Black Circle ties into and we thought to give all you new fans a little more background on just how epic this series will be. 

First, our main heroes were originally introduced in the classic Deadlands Dime Novels, Betty, Velvet and Ronan first appeared in those pages. If you've not read the dime novels, no worries, we re-introduce them in issue 1 and learn more about them in issues 2 and 3. But on the good news front, we will be releasing nice, expanded versions of those dime novels, and you'll be able to catch up on anything you missed in the past.

Second, the Black Circle refers to a threat that appeared in a previous Deadlands book, but this series reveals the origins of that threat.

Third, this series is the next BIG Chapter in the Cackler Saga, so if you read and loved Cackler, you surely don't want to miss this, and if you haven't read Cackler, be sure to add it on to your pledge, trust me, the Cackler graphic novel was a huge success for us before, and is written by Shane Hensley with stunning art by Bart Sears.

So, that's a little more behind the scenes of the story, we thought we'd offer a little behind the scenes on the production to go along with it! So, below, I'm posting the first four pages of issue 2, with Script/Pencils/Inks so all of you can get a better look and how this all comes together! Words are by Shane, art by Aaron Palsmeier.

We'll be back soon with more sneak peeks, more insider knowledge and, soon, we'll be announcing those stretch goals folks are excited for. Saddle up!